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Part 1: Introduction to CPR

Why Is Timing So Important In CPR?

When the heart (pulse) and lungs (breathing) stop, the victim has roughly 5 minutes before gradual brain damage starts to occur unless CPR is performed. Therefore, it is very important to start CPR as soon as possible if the victim is unresponsive, has no pulse, and appears to not be breathing.

5 Minutes

"Hands-Only CPR": What Is It?

Any bystander who is not trained in CPR can perform this type of CPR to try to save a victim's life. Hands-only CPR is better than no CPR at all. If you witness an adult or a child/infant suddenly collapse, then:

1) Call 911

2) Use your hands to repeatedly press down (and release) in the center of the chest until help arrives

In later sections, you will learn exactly what to do in a situation where you may find yourself needing to perform various CPR practices.